Refractory insulation encompasses a wide variety of materials, formats and applications that protect your heat containment structure when exposed to temperatures from 500° to 3000°F. It includes products such as Superwool and Refractory Ceramic Fiber which are available in a wide array of formats. 

Types of Insulation


Fiberglass or Silica glass insulation in rigid and semi-rigid board form in nominal densities from 3-12 lb/cu. ft. Superior performance for boilers, precipitators, ducts and mechanical equipment operating from sub-ambient to 1200 degrees F. Fabricates easily and cuts cleanly with a knife.

Fiberglass E Glass


Mineralwool consists of high temperature mineral fibers bonded together with a special combination of organic and inorganic binders. Easily impaled or cut with a knife, it is recommended for use in applications requiring a high temperature rating and/or greater residual strength than available in organic bonded board insulations. A low moisture absorption rate allows castable refractories to be placed in direct contact without degradation. It can be used for direct or refractory back-up installations in ovens, furnaces, kilns, power generation and process equipment with service temperatures up to 1900 degrees F.


Refractory Ceramic Fiber

The refractory ceramic fiber supplied by Fire Brick Engineers is a highly versatile material. It can be spun or blown into bulk, air-laid into a blanket, folded into modules, converted into papers, boards, and shapes, die-cut into gaskets, twisted into yarns, woven into rope and cloth, and blended into liquid binders for mastics and cements. With this wide range of products, we can provide exactly the right product or engineered system to fit your requirements.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket


Our Superwool products are produced from specific alkaline earth-silicate raw materials, uniquely engineered for high temperature insulation applications. They offer low biopersistence, up to 20% lower thermal conductivity compared to refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) insulation and resistance to molten aluminum.

Insulation Refractory Ceramic Fiber And Superwool

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