Each cement in the group is tailored to accommodate specific conditions for melting furnaces, kilns and chemical process equipment applications. They may be used for large furnace linings cast in place or for transportable cast shapes. Applications include: furnace covers, doors, spouts, launder sections, burner blocks, main body linings and coll grouts for both ferrous and non-ferrous melting.

All castable cements are supplied dry, packed in 50 pound, moisture-resistant, polyethylene-lined paper bags or bulk sacks up to 2000 pound capacity, which are easy to handle. They require water addition on site to develop the hydraulic-setting bond, offering uniform, controllable casting and good dimensional stability. Mixing is accomplished with conventional cement mixers or paddle mixers and the casting process is supplemented with vibration or agitation equipment to eliminate any air bubbles. A detailed curing and sintering process is then followed before the refractory is applied to the surface. 

Types of Castables

Ultra Low Cement Castables

Ultra-low cement castables represent the third generation of refractory castables. They feature less than 3% cement and are designed to withstand the destructive forces of rapid heat-up and cool-down cycles. As ultra-low cement mixes, they have a minimal glassy phase even when fired to extremely high temperatures. As a result, these products offer considerable resistance to thermal spalling and cracking compared to low-cement castables, conventional castables and brick. The improved resistance to thermal shock makes them ideal for their toughest operating conditions.

Self-Flow Castables

These innovative, fourth-generation castables can self-flow and self-level for unmatched ease of installation. They have low water requirements, don’t need vibration and deliver a superior cast surface finish. In some cases, they can even be pumped using standard concrete pumping equipment. If higher strength is needed, these castables can be vibrated to increase their densities. Special formulations are also available to match your application needs, including non-wetting mixes for ease of installation and mixes with fused silica for added strength.

Low-Cement Castables

When you need extraordinary strength and superior abrasion resistance, our low cement castables are an ideal solution. With less than 10% cement, they provide 2-3 times the strength of conventional castables. They provide long service life and superior performance at intermediate temperatures of 1000-2000°F. In addition, they offer improved load bearing, excellent thermal shock resistance and improved resistance to chemical attack and spalling compared to conventional castables. Special clay/alumina formulations are designed for aluminum contact.

Insulating Castables

Need a lightweight lining with excellent insulating characteristics? Our insulating castables have got you covered. These affordable products use a porous lightweight aggregate that provides lower thermal conductivity and higher insulating values. They are ideal for backup linings but can also be used as a full thickness lining if they aren’t exposed to mechanical abuse or abrasion. Low iron versions provide increased resistance to CO disintegration. We also offer special castables that combine excellent insulating qualities with high strength.

Conventional Castables

For general purpose uses, our conventional castables provide proven performance at an affordable price. They are ideal for applications where hot strength and thermal cycling aren’t required. Our conventional castables contain 20-30% refractory cement plus aggregate, giving them characteristics similar to construction concrete. Within this product family, coarse castables provide higher mechanical strength and resistance to spalling. We also offer special castables, which can be formulated to provide enhanced performance in a variety of conditions.

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