Fire Brick Products

Brick: Dense/Insulation

Fire Brick Engineers offers 13 types of Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) for use in applications from 2300 °F (1260°C) to 3200°F (1760°C). 


Each cement in the group is tailored to accommodate specific conditions for melting furnaces, kilns and chemical process equipment applications. 

Dry Vibration Cements

Dry cements are predominantly used for induction furnaces but may also be used for reverberatory furnaces, forehearths, ladles, etc. 


Refractory insulation encompasses a wide variety of materials, formats and applications that protect your heat containment structure when exposed to temperatures from 500° to 3000°F. 


Monolithic refractories are used to advantage over brick construction in various types of furnaces. Their use promotes quick installation, avoiding delays for the manufacture of special brick shapes.


Our Superwool products are produced from specific alkaline earth-silicate raw materials. The non-wetting characteristics of Superwool products make them an excellent choice for aluminum contact applications.

Precast Shapes

Fire Brick Engineers can produce precast shapes that meet your size requirements and specifications. Our line of custom cast refractory shapes are made from numerous castables, and have the well-deserved reputation for unsurpassed quality perfor­mance.

Vaccum Formed Products

Whether you need riser sleeves, tap-hole cones, dip ladles or ladle liners, we provide a selection of vacuum formed products that meet your high standards of performance. 

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