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When you need outstanding insulating properties at elevated temperatures plus low biopersistence, there's only one answer: Superwool.

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Experts in heat management

High Quality Refractory Services.

At Fire Brick Engineers, we like it hot on the inside but not on the outside.

We take on the refractory industry’s toughest challenges. From high-temperature insulation applications, shotcrete refractory, ceramics and vacuum-formed shapes of ceramic fiber to custom cast refractory shapes, high-temperature gaskets, induction furnace tops and bottoms and induction furnace coil repair, we can handle it.

We’re your one-stop shop for all high-temperature ceramic thermal solutions, including a full line of refractory products, refractory construction services and custom thermal solutions. With over $1.5 million dollars in inventory, we have what you need on-hand. 

We Are Experts In Heat Management.

Refractory Installation Services

Our highly skilled contractors repair, resurface and replace the refractory materials that line your foundry ladles, furnaces and other high-temperature vessels. We provide the materials, workers and – most importantly – the expertise to get the job done right, so you can resume production quickly.

Refractory products

We’re experts at helping our customers select the right materials and properties for each application. We also warehouse common refractory materials that you can order at any time for immediate shipping.

Insulation Conversion

Everything from mastic and denimite (recycled blue jeans) to super wool and Z-folded mat “bricks.” Whether you need them mass produced or in small, customized quantities, we can handle it.

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