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Rams and Patches

Rams_and_Patch.JPGRams_and_Patches.jpgHeat treat furnaces, coreless furnaces, channel furnaces, barrel furnaces, ladles and covers all have one thing in common; they need to be patched and maintained to obtain the longest life possible.  Fire Brick Engineer's wide variety of patches and rams will help you complete this task.  We warehouse an impressive list of alumina and MgO patches for all equipment.  Currently, our warehouse holds Universal Specialtie's Patch A (90% Alumina) and Patch B (80% alumina) along with Resco's Refpatch 850 FG.  We stock Resco's RefRam 850 LS and RefRam A 45, and Universal's 85 and 90 Phos Ram.  We also carry an MgO ladle ram from Universal.