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Refractory Products

Fire Brick Engineers Company is proud to offer the finest thermal refractory products made from the finest refractory materials. We provide Industry standard riser sleeves, tap hole cones, ladle liners, and dip ladles, and other vacuum formed refractory products as well as custom fired refractory shapes required for any industry or industrial application you need or can dream up. From refractory brick by Resco to ceramic fiber refractory products by Thermal Ceramics, products distributed and manufactured by Fire Brick Engineers Company are the cutting edge of refractory technology.

Every refractory product manufactured by Fire Brick Engineers Company is of superior quality, built to outlast industry standards, delivering profitability that lesser refractory products can not approach. Fire Brick Engineers Company utilizes proprietary testing methods, testing for density, hardness and modulus of rapture.  With stringent quality control and automated plant operations you can count on Fire Brick Engineers Company products to exceed refractory industry standards and your expectations.