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1/15/2014 Westmoreland Advance Materials changes aluminum melting mentality 1/15/2014

Westmoreland Advanced Materials, or WAM, is changing the face of the aluminum melting and die cast industry.  Their patented product is revolutionizing melt practices and offering a "premium" lining that actually pays for itself.  Minimized scaling and cleaning, elimination of fluxes, lower shell temperaures and longer lining life combine to save you money over time.

There are no "special" additives or foo foo dust here. There is nothing that breaks down over time.  The chemistry of the product itself is the key. The oxides found in other refractories contribute to the growth of corundum. That is a fact.  WAM's materials do not contain those oxides, therefore corundum growth from refractories is eliminated and it (corundum) does not penetrate the lining.


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