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Refractory Products for Steel and Iron Foundry Industry

Auto-pour into ladle foundryFire Brick Engineers specializes in servicing the steel and iron foundry industry with high quality refractory products to service all your heat containment requirements. 

From castables to dry vibratable cements, ceramic fiber blanket, rams and patches, Fire Brick Engineers offer many different refractories.

With over 70 years in the refractory industry, utilize our expertise to recommend the best material for your application. 

Auto pour for the steel industryOur understanding of foundry equipment aids us in the recommendation of specific refractory products.

With broad knowledge of iron channel and auto-pour furnaces along with cupola melting practices, our refractory supplies support them all. 

Fire Brick Engineers also supply a wide variety of induction refractories including dry vibratable cements, top caps, rams and patches, ladle washes, coil grouts and more.

Contact us today at 800-657-0813 or email for more information.  Check out our refractory products pages for more information.