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Insulation Installation

At Fire Brick Engineers we install and manufacture refractory ceramic fiber modules.  Different anchoring systems and module styles are used in different applications.  While folded modules work best in some applications, the ease and speed of Pyro-Bloc modules from Thermal Ceramics work in others.

Fire Brick Engineers carries the Thermal Ceramics fibre modules which are a unique solution to high temperature insulation needs in industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces as well as many other applications.  Thermal Ceramics manufactures a complete line of fibre module products featuring

Thermal Ceramics exclusive Pyro-Bloc products have set the standard for quality and versatility in furnace lining systems. Pyro-Bloc modules are the only "monolithic" ceramic fibre modules on the market.  Manufactured from Pyro-Log, a monolithic ceramic fibre log, they are fabricated into modules that offer superior performance and durability.

Pyro-Bloc modules are available in uncompressed module densities up to 240kg/m3 (15 pcf) and in three grades:

Pyro-Bloc modules combine the insulating material advantages of ceramic fibre with rapid furnace installation.  The monolithic fibre is easy to cut and fit around openings and modify in the field.  In addition, these modules are lightweight, have low heat storage and provide durable service.
Thermal Ceramics has a family of weld-on modules that has evolved over the years.  These modules incorporate all the advantages of our standard ceramic fibre blanket products in a pre-compressed modular form and offer non-exposed anchoring, economical installation and a positive mechanical attachment. 
They are produced in various densities and thicknesses using Cerablanket® (1300°C/2400°F rated), Cerachem® (1412°C/2600°F rated), and Cerachrome® (1412°C/2600°F rated) fibre grades.

Pyro-Fold Modules
The Pyro-Fold module is an accordion-folded blanket module that uses the Pyro-Bloc hardware and anchoring systems.  The Pyro-Fold Y Module is used without a stud layout, while the Pyro-Fold M module is designed for high temperature applications that require corrosion barriers, back-up layers or pre-layout of a stud system.  These modules are available in standard thicknesses from 10cm to 30cm (4in to 12in) and in 128 kg/m3 and 149 kg/m3 (8 and 9.3 pcf) densities.

Pyro-Stack Modules
These modules are similar to the Pyro-Fold modules with the blanket cut and stacked edge-grain rather than continuously folded.  The most typical attachment systems are the Y and M module hardware.

Z-Blok® Modules
The Z-Blok modules are folded modules available in two design configurations.  Z-Blok I has a slide channel that runs perpendicular to the folds, it slides onto a disc or clip that has been attached to the steel casing.  Z-Blok II has a C-Channel that runs parallel to the module folds.  This C-Channel is typically attached to the steel casing with a welded stud and nut.  A variety of additional attachment options are available.

Unibloc® Modules
Unibloc are the most economical folded modules offered by Thermal Ceramics.  Made from a variety of ceramic fibre blankets, Unibloc modules are supplied with or without one of the positive anchor systems or using a planned layout.  The most typical practice is to impale the Unibloc module directly onto a Unilok anchor that has been welded to the shell.

UnisystemTM Veneering Modules
The Unisystem Family is a full-line veneering system offering a range of modules, cements and coatings to suit the customer's needs.  Designed for hot face application over the surface of existing refractory linings, they produce a significant increase in furnace lining efficiency.  Unisystem modules feature properties such as low shrinkage, long-term adherence and durability in a variety of severe applications.