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Refractory Definitions and Fire Brick Terminology

ABSORPTION:Amount of water a masonry unit will absorb when completely submerged in either cold or boiling water for a set length of time. Absorption amount is expressed as a percentage weight increase.

ABSORPTION RATE—Weight of water absorbed by masonry unit (usually brick) in one minute.

ANTHRACITE COAL:Hard coal, with high carbon and low volatile matter (gas and vapor) content.
BAROMETRIC DRAFT REGULATOR:Control device installed in chimney connectors to prevent excessive draft. The installer or appliance operator sets the regulator for the desired draft, after which the regulator automatically admit room air into the venting system to maintain desired draft.
CUPOLA:A cylindrical shaft type of blast furnace which typically melts iron before casting.
Non-Ferrous:Indicates metals other than iron and alloys that do not contain an appreciable amount of iron.