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Coreless Induction Coil Repair Capabilities

Coreless.jpgWhat's the turn-around?  When can I expect my furnace back?  How long will the coil repair take?  Sound familiar? At Fire Brick Engineers we understand that a properly functioning induction furnace is critical to the success of your business.  Fire Brick's top of the line materials and streamline repair process will guarantee short turn around and a quality repair that fits into any budget.  Our technicians can completely repair and rebuild all functions of a coreless furnace, water cooled cables and leads, and cast refractory tops and bottoms.  They can even remove and install the furnace.  Some of the typical repairs are: 

Grout Coil - Coil Supports - Sand Blast and Inspection - Water/Pressure Check Coil for Leaks - Braze and Repair Leaks - Replace Bad Terminal Blocks - Re-insulate Coil - Square-up the Coil - Place the Coil into Furnace - Supply an Emergency Maintenance Kit*

*Kit Includes-Shunt Insulation, Transite Ring, Cast Top and Bottom (or Brick), Leak Detector, Hose, Clamps and all Hardware

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