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Castable Products

Castables.JPGAt Fire Brick Engineers we offer a vast selection of castables.  Every application has a specific need and no single castable can handle them all.  We therefore offer a variety of conventional castables, low and no cement castables, gunning mixes, pumpable mixes and shotcrete blends.  These mixes each contain a different blend of alumina, silica, MgO and silican carbide. Many of our mixes are a blend of spinel and mullite bonded materials.

Mt. Savage, Mageneco/Metrel, Norton, Resco, and Universal Specialties all manufacture different blends and castables that we stock in our warehouses around the country. 

Currently we have product data from Mt. Savage concerning Insulating Castables, Low Cement Castables, and Conventional Castables.  Check back soon for more product updates or Contact Us to receive data sheets via Fax or Email.