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OEM Appliances - Fire Brick Fabrication Saves Time and Recycles Waste

OEM_Flame.jpgCompetition in today's OEM appliance market demands efficiency and effectiveness, coupled with an effort to remain "green". Home water heaters, cookers, driers, gas fireplaces, electric storage heaters and DIY tools are fitted with Thermal Ceramics high performance refractory materials, environmentally friendly and safe to handle. Industrial equipment as diverse as beverage dispensers, air conditioning systems, baking ovens, catering grills and space heaters also require insulation materials.OEM_Range.jpg

Our manufacturer, Thermal Ceramics, offers a wide range of product solutions and systems - shaped refractories, insulating blanket and board, and fiber felt and paper sealing products, including our Kaowool and patented Superwool®, an excellent insulation with low bio-persistence properties.

Row_of_Ranges_oem.jpgSuperwool not only has reliable performance as a thermal insulator, it is also an excellent product for acoustical performance.  In addition, Superwool is odorless and does not emit any unpleasant smell - like other general types of insulation materials.

To offer better handle ability and improved thermal efficiency, our new Superwool Plus is now available in a wider variety of width, thickness and density.  Please contact us to learn more about Kaowool and Superwool products, including our fabrication facility and Vender Managed Inventory process.