Experts in Heat Management

Specializing in Metal Industry, Boilers, OEM Appliance, Thermal Oxidizers, Induction Coils

High Temperature Applications For Heat Containment

Fire Brick Engineers is proud to offer a complete line of products and services to handle a variety of high temperature applications in any heat containment industry. Our products and services insulate and protect all types of furnaces, melters and ladles in the metals, aluminum and heat treat industry. Similarly, Fire Brick Engineers stocks a full line of heat containment products for OEM appliances, boilers and thermal oxidizers.  Call 800-657-0813 or Contact us via email to learn how our fabrication and installation services can save you time and reduce insulation waste.

Finally, our full service induction coil repair facility is equipped with materials and know-how to completely repair and reline your furnace with minimal down-time.