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Refractory Construction Services

Fire Brick Engineers Company is your best source for all refractory construction and refractory contracting services. From furnace patching or tear out to shotcrete, gunning, or pumping of castables, Fire Brick Engineers Company will work with you to determine the proper scope of work and whether simple patching or complete refractory equipment teardown and replacement is required. Fire Brick Engineers Company superior high temperature insulation installation services for applications like industrial heaters, boilers, and furnace linings will keep your equipment running longer, making your company more profitable.

From project management of large refractory equipment installation, to preventative maintenance on your industrial furnace or boiler, Fire Brick Engineers Company is your best source for all refractory construction related services. Fire Brick Engineers Company has the experience to handle your refractory construction project from start to finish, and any point in between. Fire Brick Engineers Company is your complete refractory construction, refractory product, and refractory consulting source.

From the Smallest Fire Brick Application to the Largest Demolition and Refurbish Job Fire Brick Engineers Knows Refractory Installation

From initial planning to operations start-up and performance evaluations, Fire Brick Engineers Company manages design, cost and performance of all your refractory needs. By utilizing our vast stock of refractories from a multitude of sources, Fire Brick Engineers Company skilled craftsmen build or repair any heat containment structure.

However large or small your refractory need is Fire Brick Engineers will manage the challenge providing a timely cost effective engineered refractory solution. Fire Brick Engineers Company offers several alternatives for the best choice of refractory linings both improving efficiency and reducing refractory maintenance in every industrial application.

Once construction of a refractory is completed, Fire Brick Engineers Company representatives follow up with you. Our "after the job is done contact" is part of the Fire Brick Engineers Company commitment to quality and maintaining the highest performance standards. All refractory services are completed to Fire Brick Engineers Company satisfaction ONLY when they are completed to your satisfaction.

An extension of Fire Brick Engineers Company, construction services include the Brokk Machine.  The Fire Brick Engineers Company Brokk Machine has achieved record time savings over conventional methods for furnace stripping. The Brokk Machine has saved time and money for Fire Brick customers in the steel, aluminum, paper, cement and foundry industries already.

Fire Brick Engineers Company makes the most challenging maintenance and building you will ever face in your manufacturing refractory industrial application completely turnkey with engineered solutions, expert installers, and project management engineers.  In line with our superior customer service Fire Brick Engineers Company will even get rid of the old refractory lining.