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Fire Brick Engineers Company is the American leader in the manufacture and distribution of the finest refractory products. At Fire Brick Engineers Company our refractory solutions deliver a higher level of dependability whether it is a high temperature insulation application, Shotcrete refractory, ceramics, vacuum formed shapes of ceramic fiber, custom cast refractory shapes, high temperature gaskets, induction furnace tops and bottoms or induction furnace coil repair. Fire Brick Engineers Company delivers engineered solutions for all of your thermal management challenges. 

Fire Brick Engineers Company utilizes refined in-house testing facilities testing density hardness and modules of rupture. Fire Brick Engineers Company quality control plan coupled with plant automation, guarantees Fire Brick Engineers Company products set the refractories industry standard for reliability and application life. 

Not only manufacturing and supplying the refractory industry, Fire Brick Engineers Company provides the services that make your industrial business run smoothly with maximum up time. Fire Brick Engineers Company provides a complete turn key refractory solution. The BROKK BM 250 Demolition Machine has achieved record times stripping furnaces. With Fire Brick Engineers Company you have less furnace downtime, no accidents, and lower cost removing furnace lining. With Fire Brick Engineers Company we guaranty an easier installation with your team or our staff of expert refractory masons. 

Fire Brick Engineers Company utilizes the purest raw materials producing custom riser sleeves, dip ladles, ladle liners, tap hole cones, custom fired refractory shapes as well all other refractory products delivering superior performance with lower energy cost and reduced downtime. Heat retention in every refractory application Fire Brick Engineers Company provides helps maximize productivity and reduces costly manufacturing downtime. 

Fire Brick Engineers Company provides refractory fabrication designed for the highest level of thermal efficiency, positive attachment, and gap-free linings, in every fire-proofing and heat processing application.

Not only are Fire Brick Engineers Company products high strength providing refractory industry defining thermal insulating characteristics, our insulation's are water-resistant, non-corroding, have low heat storage and mechanical/thermal shock resistance. Fire Brick Engineers Company insulating products allow for immediate start-up and ease of installation and repair.

Fire Brick Engineers Company are THE refractory experts providing you solutions to all your fabrication needs. Fire Brick Engineers Company team is your team of experts solving even your most difficult refractory problems.

Fire Brick News
1/14/2016 Refractory Mason/Lead Man Needed 1/14/2016
Sara Vanderlin, MBA, has joined the Fire Brick Engineers' team as Manufacturing Engineer. 
Westmoreland Advanced Materials, or WAM, is changing the face of the aluminum melting and die cast industry. Bottom line, corundum just doesn't stick or penetrate and their lower density product saves on energy.
3/19/2012 116th Metalcasting Congress 3/19/2012
April 18th and 19, Fire Brick Engineers will be exhibiting at the Metalcasting Congress. Please visit us at booth 405.
5/18/2011 Energy Conservation 5/18/2011
Utilizing HRSG units to recover heat allows those in the industrial market to save energy. However, who do you turn to when the unit needs to be repaired? Installing Thermal Ceramic's industrial products, Fire Brick Engineers Construction Division is the turn-key contractor of choice.